Creating Inspired Architecture That Endures

Since 1970, our talented team has completed over 7,000 projects in 37 states as we continue our role as leaders in architecture, planning, and interior design. Our 25-person staff is comprised of 7 licensed architects and 12 interior designers who collaborate harmoniously to serve our distinguished portfolio of clients and the community. Our architects have designed over 400 buildings including corporate headquarters, tenant office buildings, schools, religious facilities, college buildings, performing arts facilities, distribution facilities, government buildings, airport facilities, healthcare clinics, and in recent years, scientific research facilities. Our interior designers have provided our clients with thousands of tenant and corporate space plans and interior designs.

Our Philosophy.
At The Crump Firm, we believe our work is about more than providing our full range of services. Our greater goal each day is to continue developing a durable legacy of outstanding works of functionality and beauty, which will stand the test of time, in accordance with our Mission Statement: Creating Inspired Architecture That Endures. We think this is what the great Roman architect and author, Vitruvius (80 BC – 15 BC), intended in his famous quotation that great architecture must be comprised of “Commodity, Firmness, and Delight” which we interpret as Functionality, Durability, and Beauty. Read More Artboard 1