Memphis Org Aims for 'Best Research Building on Planet'

February 20, 2019

John Curran, Director of Design and Construction at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, spoke to the Memphis Business Journal about the positive impact that two buildings designed by The Crump Firm are having on the organization.

He began by distinguishing the purpose of the Advanced Research Center, which is currently under construction, from that of the Kay Research and Care Center, completed in 2015. The purpose of Kay, Curran says, is to provide the most positive experience possible for patients, families and caregivers through its "incredibly soothing" design and the inclusion of "the most technology hospital rooms can possibly have."



In contrast, two years before its completion, the Advanced Research Center is already serving part of its purpose by bolstering recruitment efforts. The idea is that building "the best research building on the planet" will attract the best researchers on the planet--a necessity for an organization poised to end childhood cancer and other catastrophic diseases on a global scale. 

Curran, along with Danny Moeschle, Project Director with the general contractor, Flintco LLC, talk about the challenges and innovative features of the design, among them being a massive atrium that Curran described as "a building enclosed inside a building." He also discusses the inclusive approach taken to gather feedback from the many researchers who will soon inhabit the building.

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