Women Who Lead | Architecture: Virginia Norman of The Crump Firm

March 23, 2022

Original Article Published by The Memphis Business Journal By Shoshana Cenker 


If there ever was a time for leadership, the pandemic era has been that occasion. And the design, planning, and construction industries were not immune to the effects of COVID-19.

For Memphis Business Journal’s next group of Women Who Lead, honoring executives in architecture seemed to be a logical choice. Also logical is highlighting the accomplishments of women who have broken through the glass ceiling and helped define their organizations.

Each woman chosen by MBJ’s editorial team has qualities that define leadership — from pushing through challenges and moving architecture firms and design vision forward in difficult times to career-altering decision-making.

Within architecture, the 10 Women Who Lead honorees are executives at Memphis’ most prominent architecture organizations, both in size and stature. Some are architects or interior designers who are crafting the structures of tomorrow, while others are administrative-focused to assist in ensuring designs go from concept to construction. And there are those who do both, moving deftly between roles. 

The Women Who Lead feature, which began in 2021 and continues throughout 2022, has been an ongoing monthly feature in MBJ and is sponsored by Simmons Bank. This year, the feature will highlight industry leaders in banking, biosciences, construction, law, medical devices, residential real estate, and technology, among others. – Jason Bolton, Managing editor

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Virginia Norman, principal and vice president, interior design, The Crump Firm Architects

Virginia Norman

Principal and Vice President, Interior Design, The Crump Firm - Architects

Loaded with ideas and aspirations, Virginia Norman jumped into her interior design career 28 years ago at The Crump Firm. It was a smart start. “With the trust and unconditional support of our firm’s owners, Met Crump and David Hoback, within three years, I launched our Interior Design-Interior Architecture Department,” she said, “which has since grown to include a team of 12 designers and a second interiors office in East Memphis.”

Norman’s had the pleasure to work on big-name projects, including for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Halloran Centre, as well as more than 100 corporate and health care multi-tenant office design and interior renovation projects across the Mid-South. “My most important roles are that of listener, strategist, facilitator, motivator, and being able to look to the future for new ideas and creativity,” she added. 


“Our clients rely on us to be visionary, but no one could have predicted the changes we’ve experienced with the pandemic over the past two years. My objective is to utilize the constraints we’re currently facing in the architectural design and construction industry brought on by the pandemic, such as the need for safer ways of working, supply chain concerns, availability of materials, as well as the need for sustainable and environmental building products and methods, to uncover innovative design solutions for our clients.”