Team Approach

Our 10 architects and 13 interior designers work collaboratively in special teams to assure each client that all architectural and interior design services are highly integrated on all building projects.


In addition to assisting our architects in designing a broad range of building types, our interior design department produces space plans and leasing services for more than 250 tenant offices annually.

For many of these space planning projects, our firm also provides a full range of interior design services including selection of furniture and finish materials.

Our architects and interior designers often work integrally with our real estate developer clients in determining the feasibility of projects before moving forward.


We start by listening carefully to our clients and to the ultimate users. We ask our clients to describe in as much detail as possible all of his or her goals and missions for the project. After taking thorough notes, we formulate a written Building Program. In the cases of renovating and repurposing older buildings, we carefully analyze all of the existing conditions.



After a thorough analysis of our client’s requirements for a project, receiving approval from our client of the Building Program, and thoroughly analyzing the site location, we begin the creative process of synthesis. Through this process, disparate parts of the Building Program are fused into a logical and harmonious composition, and constituent elements combine into a unified entity. From the outset of the “synthetic” design process, we remain steadfastly mindful of the ethos, the characteristic spirit of the culture of the organization or group that who will occupy the building or tenant spaces. The design process is always custom-tailored to fit the needs and characteristics of each client, and each space-planning, master-site-planning or building project.