Our Firm

Our Philosophy

At The Crump Firm, we believe our work is about more than providing our full range of services. Our greater goal each day is to continue developing a durable legacy of outstanding works of functionality and beauty, which will stand the test of time, in accordance with our Mission Statement: Creating Inspired Architecture That Endures. We think this is what the great Roman architect and author, Vitruvius (80 BC – 15 BC), intended in his famous quotation that great architecture must be comprised of  “Commodity, Firmness, and Delight” which we interpret as Functionality, Durability, and Beauty. 


Who We Are

We are a well-established 50-year-old full-service architectural, interior design and planning firm with a 25-person staff, which has completed a broad-range of projects in 37 states and counting.

We are a highly experienced group of 7 architects and 12 designers who work together harmoniously in project teams to solve problems and to serve an esteemed portfolio of clients while also serving our community.

Eight of our principals have invested an average of 30 years of dedicated service to the firm and to our community, providing in depth experience, energy and creativity in delivering their services to our clients each day.


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Offices in Downtown Memphis

After 12 years in the Falls Building, the firm moved into 4000 square feet of the ground floor and mezzanine of 81 Monroe Avenue, in the historic Businessmen’s Club building built in 1908, a building which is one of the leading examples of Beaux Arts architecture in the city.

After launching its Interior Design department in 1993, the firm soon outgrew its space, prompting the owners to purchase the adjoining 83 Monroe building with its four stories comprising 5600 usable square feet.

With both buildings joined at the ground floor and mezzanine, The Crump Firm's present 9,600-square-foot headquarters is largely configured in an open, two-story, vertical studio, inspiring and enabling a high degree of collaboration among architects, designers, and project managers.


Offices in East Memphis


Clients, Brokers, and Building Owners have close access to an innovative Design Studio in the heart of East Memphis. The Crump Firm’s satellite location operates out of the first floor of the Crescent Center.

The Crump Firm’s Interior Architecture team specializes in Multi-Tenant Office Design, both Corporate and Medical, providing services for over 110 buildings across the city - including turn-key deliverables from initial Programming phases through Move Coordination. Additionally, they are an integral part of the design team on The Crump Firm’s new and renovated building projects.

The Design Studio incorporates multiple types of work areas that promote activity-based interactions while maintaining private individual and group settings. “Our intent for the space is to showcase Human Centered Design to our clients, providing them a tangible example of a user-focused environment where they can experience the collaborative process.”