Lausanne Collegiate School

After developing a complete master plan for the school’s current campus, The Crump Firm designed a new 57,900-square-foot expansion for Lausanne Collegiate School. The expansion included a brand new gym and media center. The gym includes locker rooms, office space for the coaching staff, concession areas, a souvenir shop and an alumni boardroom. The media center features a reading room, additional study space and a coffee bar.

Since 2005, The Crump Firm has provided an array of other architectural services for Lausanne Collegiate School in addition to the expansion.

Quick Facts
  • 57,900 sq. ft. expansion
  • Architecture Interiors Planning
  • Educational & Recreational Interior Design
  • Amenities include a coffee bar, a 32,000 sq. ft. gym, and a media center.
Lausanne Collegiate School Lausanne Collegiate School

Having worked with other architectural firms in prior administrative positions in various parts of the United States and overseas, I can say with all sincerity that The Crump Firm is without a doubt the most enjoyable and pleasing to work with. Under your leadership and influence it is clear that the Crump Firm really “listens” to the client. As the client, we found ourselves able to explore, brainstorm, suggest, create, dream, realize this was all made possible through your concentrated client centered efforts, which made us feel a valid part of the process.

Stuart McCathie, Headmaster