Diversified Trust

In 2019 Diversified Trust began the process of working with The Crump Firm – Architects on relocating their Memphis, Tennessee office. After reviewing several locations in East Memphis, decided to relocate from a long narrow space on the 9th floor to a more expansive suite on the 8th floor of the Crescent Center. Construction started in 2020 and was completed in January 2021.

This increase in space allowed Diversified Trust to provide all employees with private offices and shared spaces for collaboration and socialization with clients and coworkers, including a new East-facing outdoor balcony. DiversifiedTrust’s previous office space felt dark and dated. There was both inadequate meeting space for clients and inadequate collaboration space for employees. The layout was narrow, and felt disjointed for their team. Previously, natural light couldn’t get through to the central-most spaces due to the lack of interior glass. Designed by The Crump Firm Architects, the new suite adds fresh color and plenty of glazing to provide natural light throughout. Added collaboration and meeting spaces now allow team members to connect spatially in a way they could not before. 

Diversified Trust’s goal is to provide a welcoming, comfortable high-end office space catered to their client base. Diversified Trust wanted the overarching design to be a high-end space that felt modern and inviting but didn’t stray away from the traditional accents their client base is used to seeing. Mid-century modern elements were brought in, and the public client spaces were finished with warm tones and natural textures from wood and marble. The combination of these elements creates an overall classically modern space. The Crump Firm Architects provided special amenities specifically for their clients, including a lobby, meeting rooms, a coffee bar, a break out space, and a private restroom.

Brook Lester, Managing Principal of the Memphis Office, says that Diversified Trust is making the most of their new office. “Our previous office was outdated. The new space is client-focused, with a centralized conference area, creating an inviting atmosphere that enhances our ability to interact with guests. In addition, the atmosphere promotes collaboration among Diversified Trust professionals to better serve our clients.”

While designing this project, the break area and balcony were given special attention to ensure they provided a space for everyone to socialize and further develop a sense of community. By continuing the accents of warm woods and light, fresh color, the design scheme extends past the boundary of the exterior wall to bring the indoors out and vice versa. Outdoor furniture pieces were specified with bronze and cream tones to complement the interior and exterior building finishes.

While designing Diversified Trust’s new space, The Crump Firm Architects kept environmental considerations in mind. When selecting finishes, fully recycled flooring materials and sustainable wood finishes were installed throughout. Energy-efficient lighting and controls work with natural daylighting to provide plenty of natural ambient light during the day. The addition of the balcony collaboration space gives employees and clients access to the outdoors without leaving the suite. By reconfiguring existing spaces to create additional offices, The Crump Firm Architects expanded Diversified Trust’s Memphis office employee count by 33%, contributing to potential growth within the Memphis workforce and economy.

Quick Facts

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Diversified Trust

The Crump Firm used several processes to understand our functional and cultural needs. They talked with us about how we do business, the feel we have and want to achieve with both clients and employees, how we work now and ways we want to work differently, and then put a first plan in front of us for critique . . . I'm convinced of The Crump Firm's commitment to their clients' needs.

Carol Casey, Vice President