FedEx World Headquarters Building I

With modern design and versatile space for more than 700 employees, Building “I” was a much-anticipated expansion to the FedEx World Headquarters campus in Memphis, Tennessee.

Completed in early 2008, Building “I” provides a total area of 173,000 square feet in three stories of employee offices, conference rooms and training facilities. The Crump Firm design included planning for approximately 700 spaces of employee parking on the 13-acre site. The Crump Firm team ensured that Building “I” would compliment the existing eight offices of the FedEx World HQ campus, while completing at a significantly reduced project cost, by using more efficient materials such as pre-cast in lieu of limestone, vertical glass curtain wall, structural system and a self-contained HVAC system.

Quick Facts

  • 173,000 sq. ft.
  • ArchitectureInteriorsPlanning
  • Corporate
  • Versitile space for 700+ employees
  • 13 acre site
FedEx World Headquarters Building I
FedEx World Headquarters Building I