Racquet Club of Memphis - Bar and Pub

As part of an ongoing rejuvenation project at the Racquet Club of Memphis, The Crump Firm recently completed a total renovation of the club’s primary dining room, bar and pub. The key goal of the project was to provide a space that the members would not only be comfortable in, but would entice them to stay and relax. This was accomplished through the use of plush alternative seating options, a constantly changing art collection, thoughtful lighting and high quality finishes.

The bar and pub area evokes the history of the club while still providing a feel of modern sophistication. Feedback has been so positive that at the owner’s request, The Crump Firm, Inc. has also designed a complete renovation of the member locker rooms.

Quick Facts
  • Interiors Planning
  • Hospitality
Racquet Club of Memphis - Bar and Pub Racquet Club of Memphis - Bar and Pub